Who We Are

Who we are, our passion, and what this means for you

Who We Are

We are a diverse apostolic pentecostal congregation of approximately 300 members living in the Greater New Castle County, Delaware area. We represent over a dozen nations of origin from the regions of North and South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia including Brazil, several Caribbean islands, Columbia, Congo, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Liberia, India, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uganda, and the United States, along with multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and American Sign Language.

Our Passion

Around here, we are passionate about discipleship. In fact, it's our mission statement: All Making Disciples of All

What does this really mean?

Our mission can be explained in two simple statements:

  • Every person at every stage in their walk contributes to the development of disciples
  • Anyone can be a disciple

Why does this matter?

We want to see everyone grow in:

  • WORD as demonstrated by Biblical preaching and teaching through faith and the Holy Spirit, which leads us ALL
  • DISCIPLESHIP as demonstrated by following Jesus, the study and application of scripture, and the ongoing transformation of ALL
  • HONESTY as demonstrated by the truthful, candid, genuine speech and action for the edification and assurance of ALL
  • KINDNESS as demonstrated by the gentle, patient, sincere speech and action for the care and safety of ALL
  • SERVICE as demonstrated by our love for God and neighbor through intentional care, giving, and hospitality for ALL
  • COMMUNITY as demonstrated by love, respect, and value that facilitates authentic relationships, diversity, and a place for ALL

How are we accomplishing this?

Being a disciple of Jesus is not something you do, it's who you are. It should permeate every aspect of your life. That's why at Newark UPC we make disciples through our worship, learn, serve, play philosophy:

  • WORSHIP - We put God first in everything
  • LEARN - We pursue truth unflinchingly
  • SERVE - We love God by caring for our neighbor
  • PLAY - We live life with joy

What This Means For You

Most importantly, you are always welcome at Jacob’s Well. We're saving a seat for you, and we want to help you become a better disciple of Jesus. We welcome you to come join us at our digital campus or our Newark, Delaware location. We are passionate about helping people become greater disciples of Jesus Christ, so come worship, learn, serve, and play with us. We look forward to meeting you.

If you're ready to plan your first visit, click here. Or if you'd simply like to get in touch with a person on our team directly, click the button below.