Meet Our Team

Say hello to the leadership team at Jacob's Well

Arash Ahmadpour - Senior Pastoral Team

Arash Ahmadpour is a man whom God has humbled. He strives to present the gospel in a meaningful and authentic way that will enrich and stir you. His dry and witty humor makes for intriguing sermons and memorable interactions. He has been married to his first love, Meg, for over seven years and is utterly grateful for the three beautiful children God has blessed them with.


Meg Ahmadpour - Senior Pastoral Team

Meg Ahmadpour serves on the Jacob's Well Senior Pastoral Team and is currently the Director of our Children and Youth program. She is living her best life alongside of her husband and co-laborer in ministry, Arash. As a mom of 3 young children, ministry often happens around the kitchen table over really good espresso from the Ahmadpour Cafe!


Lela Cooper - Senior Pastoral Team

Lela Cooper has been a member of Jacob's Well since 1995. She was an "extreme" volunteer until 2014 when she assumed the role of Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor. Now, she serves as a member of the Senior Pastoral Team. Lela is known for her fast-paced speaking, humorous and down-to-earth personality, and "real talk." She has been married to Arthur Cooper for over 16 years and together they have four children.


Roy Moss - Senior Pastoral Team

Roy Moss was founder of a church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for 46 years. During this time he served in several leadership positions. He and his wife, Barbara, have been part of Jacob's Well since 2013, and have tried to be of help wherever there is a need. Roy has been an integral part of leadership development as well as providing solid preaching and teaching. He is known for his knowledge of the Word, quirky humor, and wise sayings.


Desi Lugo - Pastoral Team

Desi Lugo joined the Jacob's Well team in July of 2017. Since 2003 he has gained ministry experience in a variety of contexts and churches from coast to coast (literally – he started in California, then Missouri, and now in Delaware). He enjoys teaching the scriptures, helping believers develop into disciples, and encouraging people to find their ministry in the body of Christ. He has a gift for taking complex topics and making them easy to understand. He is married to Rachel Lugo, who daily challenges him and makes his life fun and interesting. Along with their three children they are currently ministering in the island nation of Vanuatu.


Rachel Lugo - Pastoral Team

Rachel Lugo joined in the Jacob's Well team in July of 2017. From coast to coast there are many people who have enjoyed her teaching, hospitality, and humor. She has a passion for all things in God’s kingdom especially teaching, writing, and children’s ministry. Her energy and humor make her one of the fun people in the room, while her creativity is a gift to her teammates. She is so thankful to wake up every day married to Desi Lugo. The best parts of Rachel are better because of his involvement. She was busy doing something else, so she let Desi write this bio, but we are sure she fully endorses these comments. Right now, she is serving in the island nation of Vanuatu.